A professional jury has selected the 100 best entries for the exhibition that was opened Friday November 29th 2019. 

The Bibliotheek Rotterdam (Rotterdam Library, bibliotheek.rotterdam.nl) was so kind to host the exhibition that was open from November 29th to December, 15th 2019. The Bibliotheek Rotterdam is an independent foundation with the objective to offer free admission to information, knowledge and culture, so that inhabitants of Rotterdam conglomeration can participate in society in an aware, critical and active way. At this very moment there is attention for the ideas of Erasmus in the so called Erasmus Experience (erasmushoudtjescherp.nl/).

The objective of the Bibliotheek Rotterdam fits seamless to the objectives of the Cartoonfestival Rotterdam Foundation and Comité Erasmus, Icoon van Rotterdam Foundation to spread the ideas of Erasmus to society. This implies that the cartoon exhibition will be accessible for everyone free of charge.