Centuries ago Erasmus wrote:

“The English despise the French for no other reason that they are French. They hate the Scotch just because they are Scottish. The Germans quarrel with the French and they both fight the Spanish. What can be worse than people fighting each other just because they have got different names? There are so many issues that should bring them together”.

“Why don’t they show more benevolence to their fellow men?”

This is something we should cherish in our society, in our town, with its variety in nationalities and cultures.

We seek to communicate this message of benevolence and friendship in a playful visual way to all citizens the world and more specific those in Rotterdam and its direct environment. Rotterdam. It’s an invitation to all to be an example of benevolence. By the way: Erasmus also drew some caricatures of himself in the margins of his books…..!

The festival is planning the following activities

  • EAn international cartoon contest for (semi) professional cartoonists from all over the world.
  • An exposition of the 100 best submissions will be displayed in the historic church of Saint Laurence and the Central Library in the very centre of the city of Rotterdam.
  • The publishing of a book of the 100 best submissions.
  • Activities around the exposition: Cartoon workshops, making photo cartoons, living statue of Erasmus, a sidewalk chalk drawing competition.
  • The projection of a gigantic picture of the caricature Erasmus drew as a self-portrait.
  • Cartoon workshops for students of schools in Rotterdam and its direct environment. The best examples will be published in the book.