Strip/comic Erasmus

Erasmus on frienship between people from different backgrounds
Why are people fighting eachother, only because they are different?
Pict 1. In 1519 europe was far from being a union…
I hate the French! – I hate the English! – I hate the French and the English!
Pict 2. Erasmus: You cannot choose where you are born or who your parents are,
but yo can choose how you treat other people!
Woman: I think you are stupid because you are different!
Pict 3. That is why I wrote about the power of friendship!
As soon as you look upon people who are different as hostile…
…your world becomes smaller!
Pict 4. AD 2019
Man: I think you are stupid because you are different!
Erasmus: Hmm…
Pict 5. Despite the fact not everything has changed
I also see friedships which did not exist in the 16th century.
Pict 6. If we embrace the world we shall see that people
have more similarities than differences!

That is why I wrote Quaevis Terra Patria
‘The whole world is my homecountry’